As well as being an avid collector of contemporary ceramics, I also like to experiment with the medium myself. The work I produce is not intended as a commodity for sale, but more an exploration of my own abilities and ideas to see what I am capable of producing within the confines of the facilities at my disposal, whether that is experimental or more straightforward. The work I produce is stamped with the mark of a stylised 'W'.

I enjoy exploring the nature of the material and I like to accentuate marks that appear in the clay by the natural way of working the medium rather than imposing them on the clay as a man-made force.

A particular inspiration for me are the natural earth strata in cliffs or the rock outcrops found on Dartmoor and similar landscapes - dramatic and not 'chiselled' by human hand - more the force of nature.

It is like the japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi' which teaches the acceptance of imperfection and the appreciation of the beauty of imperfection.