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2nd September 2015

New logo for Google

In today's newsletter from WebDesigner News they asked the question "How good is Google's new logo"?

The new logo is described by Google as "simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly". However, in the article, writer Benjie Moss says that "the new design is a vast improvement aesthetically, but it's unlikely it will stand the test of time because it's too now, too of the moment. This is Google's 2015–2016 logo".

On first sight, far from considering it "of the moment", I felt it was somehow dated and certainly not of the moment. I considered it to be very 'basic' and lacking in typographic finesse. Certainly Google should retain the primary colours which has become a major element of their brand identity and therefore not something to discard lightly.

When watching the animation I was forced to reflect on my first thoughts. The 4 coloured dots can be animated in such a playful way that there may be no limit to what can be done with them. This element not only provides amusement but also a freshness as it evolves. Logos that evolve have a much greater lifespan than those that don't. Examples of this can be seen with the UK television stations BBC2 and Channel4. Their basic logos have not changed for some considerable time but, due to way they are used and animated, they are still going strong.

These 4 dots morphing into the uppercase 'G' using the 4 colours made me reconsider my views. I still consider the chosen typeface to be very child-like and simple where an altogether 'now' font could have been used, but I am willing to give it time to see whether it grows on me.

See what Google themselves have to say about it here:
Evolving the Google identity

New logo for Google

4th September 2013

Interesting typography

I noticed this van parked up in San Francisco and was taken by the interesting way the designer of the logo had treated the capital T and the apostrophe. Very clever.


24th February 2013

Latest ITV branding - Update 2

WOW. Varying the hues and tones. Sorry. Still doesn't do it for me.

31st January 2013

Latest ITV branding - Update

Having now seen the new branding, I still don't believe it is strong enough and it will not be too long before it is replaced.

16th November 2012

Latest ITV branding

I've just seen these examples of the new ITV branding.

Not very impressed, I have to admit. Perhaps when I see it being used I may change my mind - but I'm not convinced.

I think it will date quickly and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts!

ITV ident

ITV ident

29th November 2012

Annoying magazine cover discs

Why do magazines STILL attach CDs to their cover/inside pages, particularly magazines dealing with the internet/web design. Surely the publishers realise that these people, especially, will have broadband connections. All they have to do is make the files available to download. They probably already are, anyway. And think of the money they could save.

But the real problem I have is with the glue, or globules of snot-like stuff that's used to stick them to the magazine!

Take, for example, the latest edition of Web Designer magazine. Having got it home in good condition the first thing I tried to do was remove the CD and its sleeve from the internal page. I can only assume they used 'Superglue' for a joke! The only way I could remove it was to tear away half the page it was stuck to. How irritating was THAT!

Unfortunately that wasn't all. I started flitting though the magazine only to come across further pages stuck together. There was a full page ad for Google with one of those credit card-sized offers stuck to it. The glue, having spewed out from behind the card, succeeded in gluing two more pages together. WOW! Two more pages torn to shreds before I have even read anything.

Web Designer Magazine

18th November 2012

Dig in

Each time I travelled into the centre of Bristol through St. George and Redfield, I couldn't stop being impressed by the design of this shopfront for the local greengrocers.

It's quite a brave design, but completely in keeping with the ethos of the business.

To see their website visit

Digin shopfront

Digin shopfront